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First, ensure you have met the requirements (web server, PHP 4, database).

Next, download PHP Prayer Board, unpack the files and copy them onto your server's. A common location is <base dir>/prayerb (e.g.,

Modify 'Include/pb_config.php' to specify the correct hostname, username, and password for your database. Those variables are: If you are installing multiple copies of PHP Prayer Board, you will need to create a new value for $cfg['mysql_prefix'] for each install

If you are wishing to customize PHP Prayer Board by inserting the code into a pre-designed site, set $bConfig to true and follow the instructions in the 'Customization' link to the left

That should be all you have to do. To test your configuration, try connecting using your web browser.

All other variables are handled by the new Administrator Interface. If you are using a User Name system, this can be accessed by loggin into your site and clicking on the 'Admin Interface' link. Otherwise you will need to access the page by going directly to /pb_admin.php

If you need help beyond this file, please visit the forums by following the link to the left.

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